What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

In August 2016, CoreData Research undertook an independent online survey of our client base. Here are selections of comments collected during that survey.

“We have been extremely pleased in every way with the professional, friendly and honest way that we received financial advice and assistance since dealing with Paul and his staff from the very beginning. We found ourselves having to get advice urgently following a major health problem and forced into early retirement.10 years ago. We have nothing but praise and gratitude for all the professional help and guidance over all that time. Communication is second to none and Paul and his staff are always available to listen and help.”

“I trust Paul Holly implicitly and am happy for him to provide me with financial advice especially with regards to my retirement.”

“I have already given our advisor’s details to a close friend who is considering their financial future.”

“Our experience with Paul has been outstanding. He always explained things in a way we could understand clearly and he was very patient and understanding to any questions we had.”

“Paul keeps up to date with international and national financial trends which provides a high level of confidence that he is providing advice that is current and relevant. He says he invests in the same schemes that he recommends to his clients so that also provides higher levels of confidence in his advice. You always feel you are getting his full attention at the annual meetings. ”

“Explains everything clearly, understands our needs, gets back to you quickly when required.”

“Have always felt financial advisor listens to and understands my needs. Have trust that my financial advisor is honest and trustworthy. All communication has been prompt and timely.”

“We came to Paul on a referral and after a settling-in period have had absolutely no reason to regret it. In a world of shonky financial advisors I think friends etc would be happy to have a referral to someone honest, reliable and very competent.”

“I have already referred two people to Paul as I believe he is honest and keen to assist us achieving our goals”

Source: CoreData Client Experience Research Paper

Prepared for Evolve Wealth Management

August 2016

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