Retire in Style – 4. Transition to Retirement Strategies

4. Transition to Retirement Strategies If you’re nearing retirement age but don’t want to stop work entirely, another option might be to transition into retirement. For those over 60, Transition to Retirement (TTR) pensions are tax-free and TTR strategies can provide a number of benefits. Let’s look at some options available to 62-year-old accountant, Brian. […]

Ocean Heroes – Helping Australian Children with Autism Through Surfing Lessons

How Surfing Changed the Life of Young Charlotte. Sophie FergusonThe West Australian Tuesday, 13 November 2018 A year ago, Charlotte Sullivan was struggling with severe anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and low self-esteem. Fast track to summer 2018 and the nine-year-old is like a new person. Charlotte also has autism, but surfing with local surf foundation […]

Retire in Style – 3. Super in your 50s

Super in your 50s

3. Super in your 50s… It’s time to push the pedal down! If 50 really is the new 40, then life has just begun. The kids are gaining independence or may have left home, and the mortgage could be a thing of the past. Bliss. But galloping towards you is… retirement!. How Are You Tracking? […]

Retire in Style – 2. Put Strategies In Place

2. Put Strategies In Place to Give You Your Desired Result. The second part to retiring in style is developing strategies to deliver on your desired goals. This can involve all the different areas of financial planning to make sure you have everything covered and there are no gaps. It’s YOUR LIFE! If you put […]

Retire in Style – 1. PLAN AROUND YOUR GOALS

1.Plan Around Your Goals. One of the most common reasons people do not succeed financially is that they do not have a plan in place. We all know that the chances of success are so much higher with a clearly defined plan but how many of us have one in place to achieve our financial […]

Pathway to Wealth Guide – 9. Get Quality Ongoing Advice

The Secret To ‘Living The Dream’…  We all, to a greater or lesser extent, have an idea of our dream lifestyle. So how, as a nation, are we faring? To find out, the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) commissioned a survey of more than 2,600 people from around the country. The resulting Live the Dream report […]

Pathway to Wealth Guide – 8. Protect Yourself and Your Family – 2

An Often Forgotten Aspect Of Insurance. When most people think about financial planning they tend to focus on the wealth creation side of things, but often forget about the wealth protection. Building a financial plan without adequate insurance is like building a house on flimsy foundations. Comprehensive insurance cover can be a significant expense; however these […]

Pathway to Wealth Guide – 8. Protect Yourself and Your Family – 1

A Personal Risk Management Plan – Do You Have One? Risk Management Plans don’t only apply to businesses – every person and family should also have a plan to help them cope in the event of an unexpected crisis. No doubt you have insured your car as the risks of damage are obvious to you on […]

Pathway to Wealth Guide – 7. Build a Professionally Managed Share Portfolio 3

The Key to Smart Investing. You’ve probably heard of dollar cost averaging as a way to grow your investment portfolio. It’s not the “be all to end all” for investing, but it can certainly help you make the most of investment markets and economic conditions over the long term. Dollar cost averaging is quite simply investing a […]

Pathway to Wealth Guide – 7. Build a Professionally Managed Share Portfolio 2

The Benefits of Investment Diversification. When it comes to financial management, no single investment will continually outperform all other investments all of the time. To minimise potential losses and to smooth your investment returns over the longer term, you should spread your portfolio across various investments. But that can be easier said than done so […]