The Game of Money®- Your Wealth Journey

Like it or not, money is a game. That’s why we use a baseball diamond as a great way to explain the different stages of wealth creation.

Stepping up to the plate

No plan yet, no strategy and no direction.

the game of money®

1st Base- Foundation

Here you’re starting to lay the foundations for future success. You might already have a decent cash flow, your Super working a little smarter, efficient debt management and your tax under control. You’re almost ready to start building something bigger.

Even if you’re further along in the game of money – it’s important that you have your foundations in place.



2nd Base- Pathway To Wealth

When you’re ready to make real change, you’ll need a pathway to wealth guide. Without it, you’ll float around aimlessly in an ocean of poorly thought-through decisions. 

No plan = no action. No action = no results.

Let’s change that.

We’ve developed a simple 9 step pathway to wealth guide that’s designed to help you create the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Our 9 Step ‘Pathway To Wealth’ Guide:


  1. Spend less than you earn
  2. Invest the difference in good quality growth assets
  3. Own your own home
  4. Manage your borrowings wisely
  5. Own an investment property
  6. Smart Super strategies
  7. Build a professionally managed share portfolio
  8. Protect yourself and your family
  9. Get quality on-going advice
Not only will you start to see real results, but you’ll be also able to live with the peace of mind that you’re on the way to financial success.

3rd Base- Countdown to retirement

With your plan in place and your money working away, it’s time to make sure everything’s on track for your retirement.

This stage is about:

  • Rechecking your foundations
  • Readjusting your goals
  • Refocusing your Super
  • Transitioning to retirement strategies
  • Minimising your tax
  • Supercharging your strategies


Home Base- Retire In Style

Your basics are covered, you’re on top of things but you still feel that you’d like a little more. You don’t want to retire with just ‘enough’, you’d rather ‘retire in style’.

Our ‘Retire in style guide’ is specifically designed for FIFO, mining workers and business owners (but we can tailor it to anyone) who want to fast track their retirement.  

So, if you’re ready to retire with comfort, security and the peace of mind that financial success brings – then this program is built for you.


The Plan Is Based Around 5 Key Pillars: 
  1. Keep it simple
  2. Implement smart strategies
  3. Get started (do it now!)
  4. Take a structured approach
  5. Get sound ongoing advice


Each element of the pillar is designed to put the structure in place for you to build a solid plan and guide you to where you want to be sooner rather than later.

We’ll go over each pillar in more detail during our initial free consultation, but here’s a brief glimpse of a few things we’ll cover:

  • Sharpening your goals
  • Having a clear estate plan
  • Defining the right sum of money you want
  • Understanding how to make it last
  • Tax-free pensions
  • Setting a solid investment methodology

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